Change to CloudFlare

ChrisLands has switched to CloudFlare. Cloudflare speeds up and protects millions of websites, APIs, SaaS services, and other properties connected to the Internet. Our Anycast technology enables our benefits to scale with every server we add to our growing footprint of data centers.

Please read the below instructions to have your web-store switched to our new DNS settings. One instruction is if we manage your DNS, the other is if you manage your own.

—–  CL Manages NS —————-

This is Jaymes Sorbel from once again.  Please read, change required.

Your store requires a mandatory change!! This is not optional, you must make this change, no exceptions.

I’ve sent many emails regarding changing your name servers.  If you have not changed your name servers yet, please go to your domain’s registrar and change your name servers to:

These are ChrisLands’ new name servers, through, and they provide increased security and performance!

Your registrar is where you “registered” your domain, where you established ownership of the domain.  Places like, godaddy, network solutions, directnic, siteopia, yahoo domains, 1and1, and so on.  We do not manage your registration.

If you want us to change your name servers, please email with the domain registrars’ address and your registrars’ login information.  We’ll be happy to do this for you!

If you have made this name server change and your site is still not coming up, please email with your store’s domain name.

We are incredibly sorry for the inconvenience!


————– They Manage their NS —————-

This is Jaymes Sorbel from  I recently emailed about updating your name servers.  I’m emailing again as this is very important.  The reason for this change is at the bottom of this email.

You manage your own name servers so you have two options.

1.  Let us start managing your name servers. If you choose this option, please do not do anything.  Tell me first so I can configure your settings properly.  I’ll notify you of the next step when ready.  Again, tell me if you want us to manage your name servers now.

2.  You change to using for your name servers.  If you do this, go to and:

Signup – click Add Site – Select Free Plan – Confirm Free Plan

That is it, Cloudflare scans your current name servers and pulls your current domain records so you do not have to enter them manually.  Make sure the “cloud” is orange next to your Domain name and www records.  This turns on the proxy.  If it is gray, then just click it.

If you decide to use your own account please contact us for the IP Address to use for your domain name and www name server A (address) records.

Finally, just update your name servers settings at your registrar with the ones provided by Cloudflare and you are all set to go.

The attached file will help if you use your own account.

Why is this change required?

For nearly 48 hours starting late Tuesday through Thursday, we had a large amount of unwanted traffic.  This individual or group came at us with a long and persistent flood of traffic (gigabytes at a time) and would not give up.

We fought back as much as we could.  I changed IP Addresses and before long he moved to that IP Address.  I moved IPs again and again they would move to the new ip address.  Every time I made a change, this individual (or group) followed.

Thus the need to move to CloudFlare and the urgency to make this move.  Cloudflare hides ip addresses through its proxy service and adds another layer of security.

Thank you and we are incredibly sorry for the inconvenience.

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